Asset Management Software

General Integrated has invested in a tailored process-based software package to manage assets more efficiently, which provides a solution to complex rental and asset management issues.

Asset Management Software
UAE: Abu Dhabi and Dubai

With ever increasing activity levels and an extensive inventory of assets being held at our premises, including that of our customers, General Integrated invested in a tailored software package in order to manage these assets more efficiently. This system is a process-based software package that provides a solution to complex rental and asset management issues including:

  • Enquiry/ Tender/ Quotation Management
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Operational Asset Management and Revenue Generation
  • Building of assemblies from bought in or stock components
  • Internal and 3rd party refurbishment, servicing and repair
  • Planned maintenance programmes
  • Sub hire of equipment.
  • Sales Invoicing including multi currency options
  • Depreciation
  • Management Reporting and Analysis
  • Data export to your financial package – Access Accounts


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